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Home Buyers Don't Want Oil

Posted May 1st, 2018 in renovations

Home Buyers Don't Want Oil

Staging your home certainly helps sell it faster, but what if your rural property still heats with oil - uh-oh! Staging might not help.

Today's home buyers are just as health conscious as they are frugal. They want the best they can get within their budget that offers the most comfort, convenience and safety available. Today's buyers are eco-friendly in many cases and wouldn't consider a home that is heating with oil. There are just too many risks associated with this type of heating. The risk of a leak as you can see in the News Canada video below, not to mention the film the oil leaves on your furniture and throughout the house, and the odour. If you live in a house using an oil-burning furnace, you probably don't notice the odour, but to someone new walking into your home - it is as if they were slapped in the face. 

If you are considering selling your rural property and it uses an oil-burning furnace for heat, investing in a new heating system may seem to be a great deal of money, but it will pay off in the selling price of your home by investing in the upgrade. Consider your options: natural gas if it is an option (today's home buyers prefer to cook with gas), propane is also an option where natural gas may not yet be available, and of course there is always electric (mind you this may be a deterrent as well - with the cost of electricity today). Rural properties are sought after - but the conditions must be right.  Get off on the right foot with potential buyers by ensuring your home is in top condition without spoiler alerts. 

How a small heating oil leak can turn into a disaster

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